Malema vs Visagie... Round 1

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Visagie vs Malema

The past few weeks have been buzzing with news coverage on two very important individuals and events surrounding the death of AWB leader Eugene Terreblance.
One of them is the AWB's secretary, Andre Visagie who caused chaos at an eNews interview.

"Don't touch me on my studio", a phrase widely abused at the moment, acctually came about when the co-anchor came to the defence of his co-host who was facing Visagie outrage. The audience and media hadn't heard Visagies side of the story until a follow-up interview where he stated "i wasn't given the chance to speak", refering to the co-hosts countless attacks.
The controversy surrounding Visagie is that of his leaders death, the interview also came at a time whereby there was/is certain racial sensitivity and clear tension amongst citizens.

The next individual is not new to public scruitany, countless times has his personal, educational and business background been under review and more especiall his absolute "Bluntness", yes i speak of our very own ANCYL President Julius Malema.
Malema is speculated to have initiated the current racial tension within the country by publicly singing and proudly endorcing the song "Kill the Boer", an old Apartheid song sung by activists before democracy was established. A few days after that, The leader & the biggest "Afrikaaner" in S.A, Eugene Terreblanche wound up dead in his farm.

Certain communities assume that this was due to the song yet others fully defend Malema's intentions with it. That is not all, recently Malema had insulted and thrown a BBC journalist out of an ANCYL media briefing. words such as "Bastard" and "Bloody Agent" where amongst a list of insults that Malema threw at the reporter for asking about his residential status and the contradiction of his previous statements. The media had a field day off of this and are still capitalising on the aftershoke i.e. what the ANC has to say.

Now with these two figures under so much public scrutany, we would like to know, who would win in a media brawl between the two. whats your point of view?

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